The League is the only nationwide youth football league in Sierra Leone and has helped over 8,000 children – but it isn’t just about football and those who play in it, it benefits the 200 adults it employs and the communities who enjoy the civic projects undertaken by the players.

Consisting of 66 teams in four regions, each child playing receives an education scholarship as well as playing and community initiatives to teach them fair play and equality. Girls enjoy equal status as boys and gender equality is promoted and celebrated.

“Coach Ernest from the CBF has helped me so much. He found me on the streets and asked me if I could play football. I told him that I loved to play but usually was not allowed to as I needed to work to earn money. He visited my guardians with me and persuaded them to let me join the CBF League. I am now attending school for the first time as CBF pays my school fees. I enjoy being part of Skye Rangers as it has given me many opportunities that I did not have before.” – Adikali Kamara, Skye Rangers U12 player

“The League means a lot… it gives us recognition in society, it helps create a voice and a space for marginalised women. It motivates young women to take up leadership roles and involve them in active participation in the development of social mobility.” – Victoria Bernard, CBF Regional Coordinator

This is not just a League, it is a starting point for progress in education and equality, giving adults, communities and children involved a tangible legacy.