The Academy is a residential school and football academy based in near Sierra Leone’s capital. Coaches in the League talent ID young boys who show professional potential, giving them a fully funded scholarship to the Academy, where they receive a secondary education and football coaching.

“A focus of [CBF] is fair play. When we look at our children we know we need to bring them up to have passion for the game but also sympathy and empathy for each other. We encourage them to win with dignity and to face loss with pride so that they grow to respect each other. In every team we want players to seek the best for each other, for example, if one player has fallen down, then the other should pick him back up. Football has to be about more than just the intention to win, fair play comes first.” – Samuel Bangura, CBF Regional Coordinator

The CBF Academy is a legacy not only for the children who attend, but for their families and future generations who will see that change is possible and it is achievable.